Blue River Horse Center
for Education

Horses as Teachers, Healers & Friends


Blue River Horse Center offers a safe place for rescued horses so they can partner with us in empowering children and adults through leadership and self-awareness programs. These horses support us in the achievement of our life goals, by demonstrating the educational, therapeutic and spiritual value of a loving relationship with horses.


Blue River Horse Center provides a refuge for horses and humans as partners in life changing educational programs. Our participant’s learn how to self-direct their life in positive ways by working with horses, where love, respect and mutual understanding prevail.

Horses have an uncanny ability to expand the awareness of humans, by providing us a greater understanding of our environment and the world we live in, creating a better life for all.
Our greatest opportunity to change the world begins when we change ourselves in positive ways. When we learn how to love each other unconditionally through developing our natural talents, we serve our highest purpose.

Our educational programs develop leadership awareness, collaboration, and integrity, in an environment of love, kindness and compassion. We believe that by giving youth and adults the life tools to become productive and responsible individuals, it strengthens families and our community.

We achieve these goals through “Leadership Awareness with Horses”.

Our program accomplishes the following:

      1. A safe and healthy refuge for horses in a beautiful natural environment
      2. Personal growth for children & adults while working with Horses
      3. Leadership awareness to continue the circle of respect for our natural world
A place to learn ranch management, environmental sustainability, along with a working knowledge of horse psychology, rehabilitation and training.

Who Comes to Blue River Horse Center and Why
People come to our ranch in the lower blue valley for many different reasons:

• To experience a retreat from the rigours of every day life
• A way to increase personal awareness and fulfillment
• To learn leadership, communication and other essential life skills
• A day communing with nature
• A day with horses and other animals
• A community service opportunity
• An education on horse care and training
• An education about ranch management, conservation and stewardship
• For therapy – emotional, mental or physical

Application Process:
Anyone interested in volunteering must fill out an application. Please click on this Application Link to fill it out online. Please download a waiver form and submit it by mail, e-mail or fax to 678-623-3468, or bring it to the ranch when you come to volunteer or attend the volunteer training class.

Click on this link for a waiver form

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Blue River Horse Center Inc.
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Phone: 970-389-8496
E-mail: johnlonghill@mindspring.com