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We offer Leadership Awareness with Horses Camps to underpriveledged, low income and youth at risk. Children who do not fall into these categories are able to participate as assistants in these programs as part of our volunteer program, or in the public classes listed below.

The volunteer program is an opportunity to learn the value of service while learning all of the knowledge available in our camp programs as an assistant. To assist, volunteers must complete
2 - 4 hour classes of volunteer training and have volunteered at least 10 times. We also need volunteers at our ReSaddled Thrift Store at 252 Warren Ave. in Silverthorne.

Blue River Horse Center offers three exciting classes from June through September
for groups of 10 or more. These classes are scheduled by reservation only.
Call John Longhill @ 970-389-8496 or email johnlonghill@mindspring.com

Animal Communication Class

This fun class introduces our “younglings” (kids 4-8 years) to the basics of animal communication and how to have better relationships with animals. It is a two-hour class including an introduction to Blue River Horse Sanctuary and our animals, with hands on interactions with some of our special critters. Fee: $25 per child

Leadership Awareness with Horses

This is an exciting class for kids (7- 17 years) with a focus of leadership development through self-awareness while partnering with our horses! It is a 4-5 hour class with an introduction to animal communication, energetic communication, herd behavior, round pen demonstrations and more. The kids learn how to successful partner with the horses while leading, feeding, and playing games with them. Fee: $75 per child

These programs are provided to the community at large, for individuals of all ages and life circumstances. We do not turn people away because of physical limitations or financial need. Those with physical limitations can always find ways to participate, as we have animals of every size and temperament - some only needing petting or grooming.

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are always welcome at Blue River Horse Center, regardless of age or physical limitation. There are a wide variety of ranch chores from easy to difficult, and have animals that only needing petting or grooming. Children under 12, and those with special needs, may be required to come with a a parent or assistant, who can attend to their needs.

The Blue River Horse Center Volunteer program consists of two training classes, where you learn everything you need to know to become a part of the Blue River Team. The first class is usually held on the first Saturday of the month from 9-1pm from June through September. Once your application is submitted we will email you directions to the ranch. (Class size is limited to 15)

Adults and children wishing to accrue community service hours, may call to schedule a time when they can do so. Anyone participating in community service hours will be assigned specific tasks, as opposed to volunteers who can choose their tasks. Participants are required to provide the necessary forms needed to report their hours. Blue River Horse Center reserves the right to suspend anyone from the program, who is not performing in an acceptable manner.

This program is for volunteers who would like to help and be trained in the proper handling of the horses, general ranch work and maintenance. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please click on this APPLICATION LINK to give us your contact information.

It includes:

• Putting out animal feed, llama & sheep handling
• Property Maintenance - mucking manure & Clean-up
• Putting out feed and bringing in horses
• General Repairs of fencing, structures and facilities
• General Carpentry, Fencing and Construction projects
• Irrigation of pastures and Haying
• Office work and Fundraising

Training Pre-requisites - none

Time commitment – One half day of training from 9-4pm for the class of horse handler training. To qualify for the training we ask for a minimum volunteer commitment of 12 days per year.

Ranch hours are: Monday thru Friday from 9-12:30 pm & Saturday from 9:00am-5:30pm.
Ranch hours are: Monday thru Friday from 12:30-4:30 pm & Saturday from 9:00am-5:30pm.

Application Process:
Anyone interested in volunteering must fill out an application. Please click on this Application Link to fill it out online. Please download a waiver form and submit it by mail, e-mail or fax to 678-623-3468, or bring it to the ranch when you come to volunteer or attend the volunteer training class.

Click on this link for a waiver form- Download Waiver

Corporate Leadership and Teambuilding Program

(To be announced)

Customized Programs presently being offered:

• Girl Scout and Boy Scout badge programs

• 4H programs

• Customized programs for families, teens, youth at-risk & other special needs groups

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